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Formerly Wheelchairs Plus Since 1976
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Designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve alignment and maximize potential for walking.
Available in 5 sizes, fitting toddlers through shorter adults.
Clinical Studies have demonstrated that posture control walkers facilitate postural alignment, balance and components of gait.
All walker models fold, for easier storage and transportation. 

ALL NEW ITEMS - we have more than are listed, please call with your requirements
#7A - Adult  Reverse Walker with Seat W5H  4 wheel   MSRP  $349      Our price $190 + shipping
#7B - Child Reverse Walker W1/2 JR  4 wheel  MSRP $237   Our Price - SOLD
#7C - FS1B Forearm Support Pair - MSRP $209                   Our Price $100  + shipping