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 #25 Multi-Lift from Access Unlimited
If you’re like a lot of people with reduced mobility, you were sorry to see your beloved and cost-effective car go when you couldn’t make the transfer any more. But with the Multi-Lift, cars are back! Using the portable Multi-Lift and a mounting bracket in your car, you can get in and out again. The Multi-Lift is available with a wide variety of slings, so people with every level of disability can get in and out of the car. And the Multi-Lift fits in everycar on the market!
Lift Unit will work for many different locations -
We will install in Grand Rapids, Mn - Install price depends on vehicle
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Use the Same Multi-Lift to Get You and Your Scooter into the Station Wagon or Van


If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to lift yourself and your scooter or power wheelchair into your station wagon or van, the Multi-Lift is the answer. With its rugged construction and ease of use, the Multi-Lift comfortably and safely lifts both people and heavy mobility devices. Why pay for two separate lifts, or worse, depend on the strength of your caregiver’s back to transfer you? One portable Multi-Lift meets both lifting challenges for the price of one lift.


And don’t forget, the same portable Multi-Lift that lifts your scooter will also life you into the car, tub, bed, etc



One easy to use Multi-Lift meets all your lifting challenges!

All Access Unlimited mobility equipment qualifies for financial assistance under the terms of the Daimler Chrysler, Ford, GM, Lexus, Saturn, Toyota and Volkswagen mobility programs